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The music industry now has a promising newcomer. This young, twenty-three-year-old artist we call T.C. devotes his time and energy to writing music, lending his voice and talent to other artists without forgetting the stage where he relishes doing live shows. T.C. is a lover of speed and high thrills and, in spite of his many occupations, he still finds the time to jump on his sports motorcycle during the warm days of the summer. Perhaps thatís how he gets his inspiration. In any case, we feel that T.C.ís songs are filled with the power to get us to two hundred miles per hour.

He started by composing technical, industrial and acidic music. Then, slowly, he moved to pop and dance. He was then asked to do some remix for various artists. He also composed and arranged songs for artists such as Roxxy and Nadia. Now, T.C. is working on his own material to be offered to the public at an early date with his very first album called (LET ME) SEE YOU MOVE, a song symptomatic of his penchant for parties. T.C. is also concerned with events that are turning the world upside down and he believes that peace on earth could be attained if we took the time to listen to one another and to understand other cultures and to link up with others to solve the many problems facing the planet. We should face things, he says, there is only one race, the human race.