The recording studio consists of two recording rooms, one control room and another recording room which doubles as a kitchen. There is a window between the two recording rooms to allow for live interaction when required.


We have a 24-track analog 1-inch Tascam and a non-linear 12-track Prismatica digital system.
There is a large selection of microphones: 2 AKG 414-ULS, 4 Shure SM98, 1 AKG D-12, 2 Shure 57, 3 Sennheiser 421, 1 Sennheiser 441, 2 Shure 451EB, 1 Shure PE66, 2 PZM.

Il y a une large sélection de microphones.
(2) AKG 414B-ULS, (4) Shure SM98, (1) AKG D-12, (2) Shure57, (3) Sennheiser 421, (1) Sennheiser 441, (2) Shure 451EB, (1) Shure PE66, (2) PZM

Location recording

Onde-Spirale has repeatedly made location recordings for projects that are mixed in the studio at a later date. Just ask for details and operating costs and leave your name and address at the following address. We have in the past recorded live concerts, symphony orchestras and musicians in hall with special acoustics (churches, etc.)

We can also make on-stage recordings for films and videos.