The Little Prince
Tribute to St-Exupery track

To Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I have a dream of a castle buried somewhere in the universe
and a pilot flying among the stars searching for his friend.
A little prince waiting on his planet with a rose at his side.

At 27 years old, Antoine became a pilot and from then on never will he stop flying. Because Antoine simply liked to fly. And almost all of his books talk about planes, pilots or missions. Missions that himself has experienced many times. Those dangerous missions; the Mediterranean, the Sahara, the Andes (when he was director of his own aviation company.). Antoine also liked to write. His books are a mission in itself, a mission of the human soul. When France was occupied by Hitler's troops, Antoine left for America. At age 42, he volunteered to be a pilot in the American army. Later he was given an airplane and flew many missions over France. On the 31st of July, 1944, Antoine left for his last mission, he never returned.

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