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Ottawa Express, Ottawa, Ontario July 2000
Genna- Dusk to Dawn

<<...Displaying a creative maturity far beyong her years and a sublime,
angelic voice, Genna offers the kind of radiant, perfectly realized
ambitious pop not often associated with a debut recording. Preferring to
patiently invade her intricate pieces rather than force the issue, she simply
captivates the listener with resourceful, lush arrangements, letting
the drama unfold cautiously amongst the breathy, layered keyboards and
hypnotic, trip-like flow. Dusk to Dawn initially recalls the sleeker
territory of Sarah McLachlan but gradually pushes the sonic palette
to explore a more expansive, progressive texture. The complex rythms,
percussions and sitar of "My Game" and jagged, stellar strains of "Insomnia" are
mysterious, dynamic and detailed- the ideal environment for
Genna's voice to weave it's silken power...>>

The Coast, Halifax, Nova Scotia March 2000
DAK, Harmonie 2000 (Société des Casinos de Québec) -by Jennifer Raven

<<...Yet another soundtrack for the millennium, DAK's contribution (DAK
consisting of Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Luc Gregoire) was
orchestrated on a grand scale to mark the "63,082,281,600th second." Drawing
from diverse musical traditions, the CD combines a multitude of sounds meant
to represent the musical heritage of the past millennium, a rich tapestry is
woven by the inclusion of tribal percussive rhythms, chorale singing,
classical violin, sitar, Cape Breton style fiddlin' and modern synthetic streams.
This fusion of tribal, classical, modern and new age is reminiscent of music
from the film Baraka, anything and everything by Jean Michael Jarre, and
Cirque de Soleil albums...>>

Seaway News, Cornwall, Ontario February 2000 by Yvan Brunet
Dak-Harmony 2000

<<...Dak "Harmony 2000". A super album overflowing with ambient music(incorporating
African and Indian impulsions splashed across a techno musical back-ground)
to celebrate the new millennium."Harmony 2000" is a sumptuous and beguiling a
recording as I've heard in quite a while...>>

Ottawa Express, Ottawa, Ontario March 2000 by Steve Baylin
Dak-Harmony 2000

<<...As memories of millennium celebrations quickly fade into a sea of
mediocrity and forgettable, vacuous hype, the mysterious lure of
Harmony 2000 endures. Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Luc Gregoire,
collectively known as Dak, prove yet again they are up to the daunting
challenge of crafting evocative, powerful instrumental magic worthy
of such an event. Dak manages to harness the supreme talents of over
25 musicians in a sprawling aural tapestry of intricate percussions and striking,
extraordinary voices. The unique characteristics of the human voice are
central to the work; it is the hypnotic expression that links the pieces
as they weave together seamlessly in a cultural whirlwind of distinct
sounds and rhythmic complexity. Trumpets, clarinet, flutes
and fiddles embrace lutes, cello and mystical voices to produce a
skillfully arranged, trance-like soundscape-a musical
playground in which Dak flourishes....>>

Capital City, Ottawa, Ontario November 1998

<<...This Hull based trio produces a beautiful collection of ambient instrumental
pieces that emit a rich ethereal feel.

Joined by a cast of 15 studio musicians, the three core members of DAK-
Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Luc Gregoire - dedicate each track
to an individual who has inspired them.

Using instrument ranging from tablas and inca flutes to fretless bass, the trio
form 13 separate musical biographies in honour of such people as Albert Einstein,
astrophysicist Carl Sagan and renowned underwater French explorer
Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The song dedicated to native Chief Joseph is especially moving thanks to
a haunting drum beat and an almost-mystical atmosphere.

The result is a gorgeous harmonic landscape full of mysterious melodies,
calm rhythms and soothing notes.

This relaxing audio stream takes the mind to a peaceful electronic zone full of
vibrant dreams and idyllic spaces...>>

What a magazine, Winnipeg, Manitoba September-October 1998
Dak-Remember ****

<<...These Canadian artists have taken an intriguing path toward musical creation. Using
the lives of people who have inspired them- Lucy(Australopithecus Afarentis),
Galileo, Dian Fossey, Jacques Cousteau and others- DAK has created songs
that are both tributes and portraits of genius.

The music itself is largely instrumental, with occasional vocals and, in one instance,
a choir of children. Each composition accurately reflects the mood
and theme of its title."Jupiter" conveys a sense of distant majesty,
"Life"- the fluid power of the ocean and its denizens,
"The Little Prince reflects the innocence of Saint-Exupery's classic
and "Africa" throbs with a haunting pulse.

If you're into contemporary art, you'll appreciate an album that is lyrical
without being limp and thoughtful without being navel gazing. In many ways,
Remember is very literal, almost naive. The musicians and vocalists wear
their hearts and their inspirations on their sleeves. Gutsy thing to do in a market
where the Spice Girls are the height of inspiration for thousands,
but the result is truly beautiful ...>>

The Coast Halifax, Nova-Scotia August 1998
Dak-Remember ****

<<...This may be the most bizarre album i've heard this year. Remember is a concept
album, based on the principle that we only ever really exist in other people's
memories. Dak's core members, Daniel Bouliane, André Mongeon and Luc Grégoire
(along with 15 other musicians), have composed 13 mini memorials for Remember.
The result is an eclectic, relaxing mix of symphonic tunes. What makes it cool is
that you can take the disc on its own and ignore the liner notes or you can delve into
the deeper significance of each piece and think and read about the people for which
they were composed. Each song is dedicated to an individual(save one,"Little Angel")
each has its own title and a lovely explanation of the person's public or private
importance. For instance, "The Naked Sun" is dedicated to Isaac Asimov who
(in case you didn't know) invented the three laws of robotics...So there you go....>>

The Ottawa XPress Ottawa, Ontario August 1998

<<...This Hull-based instrumental trio- along with a fine ensemble of supporting
musicians- produces a diverse and compelling collection of instrumental pieces
that are both soothing and mysterious. Thereare plenty of ethereal, hauting melodies
bursting with rich instrumentation and fine performences (particularlythe eerie
fiddle of James Stevens) but the strenght of the pieces lies in the uncluttered
simplicity of the arrangements, courtesy of Luc Grégoire. From the African and
Inca flutes of Africa to the 40-members children choir of "Little Angels,
Daniel Bouliane and Andre Mongeon create fluid, textured compositions with
clarity that is never overshadowed by the talented supporting cast....>>

Ralph, Vancouver, British Columbia November 1998

<<...Over 15 musicians contributed to this fantastic ethereal, seductive cd of
instrumental music that is soothing and uplifting, I literally put it on "repeat"
because it helps me to go to sleep at night. Beautiful 16 pages booklet
with liner notes and information on the OZMOZ concept...>>

The Intelligencer Belleville, Ontario July 1998

DAK offers alternative style of listening in CD

<<...This is not jazz, not pop, not country-western, definitely not Bible belt.
But the new CD album, "Remember" by DAK, based in Hull, Que., certainly offers
an alternative style of listening.

One might almost call it earth sounds. That is obviously the object this aboriginal
First Nations motif album seeks to present.

Blaring and glaring harmonies and rhythms are there, but are distinctly rationed in favor
of soft, purring tones, each number dedicated to the memory of a well known
historical or figurative personality, from a primitive 'Lucy' whose skeletal remains are
traced back 3.5 million years, to Isaac Asimov, Jacques Cousteau, Carl Sagan and
Chief Dan George. Even the great Albert Einstein is honored with a cut called Plasma.

There are rich colors of both harmony and rhythms in this CD, which also features a
children's chorus in one number. Composed mostly by members of the DAK group,
this is as Canadian as music can get.

Summing up, this is an interesting and attractive package and DAK officials promise
there's more to come....>>

Uprising International Scarborough, Ontario July 1998

"Remember"- Music that transcends time & space

<<...There is a kind of music that reminds us of our primeval beginnings and our
primordial need for sustenance tothe spirit. This music is sometimes classified as
"New Age" music, but in reality they are melodies from another time,
space and even dimension.

And it's our ability to pay heed to our retention impulses that would allow us
to tune in to rythms of life that make you remember a lifethat was primarily spiritual,
universal and fully in tune with nature and the cosmos.
There is such music, and the most recent addition to this storehouse
is the CD album: "Remember" by DAK....>>

Imprint Waterloo, Ontario July 1998

<<...Canadian music fans who are tired of the Tragically Hip/Refreshment-type
clone bands out there should be very excited about the second release of Hull,
Quebec-natives Dak. Their album Remember is an eclectic mix of ethereal sounds.

The music is a reminescent of Enigma, Vanessa Mae and Mike Oldfield, but
the sound is completely original. The album is a spiritual journey.

The songs and the accompanying words from the album liner express thanks
and connection with the life achievements of people who have influenced and
inspired the members of Dak.

These people, as diverse as Galileo, Asimov, Saint-Exupery(author of
The Little Prince) and Lucy(the earliest human-type skeleton yet found)
were some of the most revolutionary members of society.

By remembering these icons and connecting ourself to them, we join the ranks
of collective history instead of just being disconnected individuals....>>

Network magazine California, USA July 1998

<<...Dak is a group of musical composers comprised of three main members
-Daniel Bouliane, André Mongeon and Luc Grégoire-along with a collection
of guest musicians. Their goal is to create music that has, at its heart, a visual aspect,
in that it's hoped the listener will experience an inner journey that will take
him or her to the basic essence of life that resides in each of us.

By their unique use of voices, instrumentation and melodic interludes,
Dak touches upon those internal feelings of hope, joy and pain that help us
to learn and grow. They take their inspiration from such diverse personnalities
as Chief Joseph, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Rene Binet
and Jacques Yves Cousteau....>>

Nugget Editorial NorthBay, Ontario July 1998

<<...Remember by Dak is an enigma of sounds. As mysterious echoes haunt
the background, and snaky shakers dynamically rise and fall, delicate strings
and wind instruments take hold of a lulling melody. This album will rock you to
sleep and take you away on a fantastic journey to unknown, yet pleasant worlds.

In the selection The Naked Sun, mouth sounds become the spout through which
the melodies flow. Although there are no lyrics, we are able to visualise, merely
by the piercing sounds, a blazing sun. The wordless music also enhanced the
element of mystery and curiosity which this album possesses.

I must compliment the cover of this album as well. Trippy hippy-like images
enhance the utter weightlessness and serenity of the entire CD. These vibrant
images are of figures in action, whose previous positions are smeared into
their present ones. They are both colorful and animated.

Some of the more recognizable instruments on this album are the cello and the
piano. For me, they seem to weave a thread of reality through the fantasy of the
rest of the album. This create a romantic contrast of sound and feeling and
encapsulates both the theme and title of the album: Remember....>>

HamiltonNews Mountain Edition Hamilton, Ontario June 1998
by Julie Slack

Dak delivers a thought-provoking second album

<<...Canada has plenty to be thankful for, not the least of which is our great
talent in the music industry. Recently, Dak, release its second CD, Remember,
and for music fans looking for something different, their latest work solidly delivers.

Dak, based in Hull, Quebec, touches on the eclectic style of music, complete
with piano, horns, trumpet, flutes and violins. This is a moving CD that has an honesty
and integrity that invites listeners to reach into their inner souls and think about
the meanings behind this work. It is spiritual, yet offers a deeper meaning to those
who wish to look for it.

Even the cover of Remember is captivating, and certainly opens the door
to let your imagination run free. One song in particular,'Little Angel' is sure to
have listeners flipping their remote control to.This is a sweet inspiring song.
Its deeper meaning will surely make this a favorite of all listeners.

Copies of the new CD are available now at record store...No doubt,
Dak will make a name for itself with the release of this CD-especially with those
looking for the not-so-ordinary musical sound....>>

Uptown magazine Winnipeg, Manitoba June 1998

<<...A fly following a bumble bee, the gentle rustle of the wind through autumns
peaceful foliage, or perhaps a ride down one of China's busy streets on a Ricsha.
Go anywhere or be anything and this instrumental collage will show you the way....>>

RPM magazine Toronto, Ontario June 1998

<<...We've cutlined this as esoterica because, quite frankly, we didn't know how else to
describe the music on this exciting Canadian production. DAK have composed and play
what one could call mood pieces or even classical miniatures. Voices are blended ethereally
with instrumentation in manner reminescent of Nomie Paramour and the Floating Voices
that enthralled at the dawn of high fidelity.

The over all lead isn't classic but it goes well beyong pop. Titles include Spirit of the Land,
The Naked Sun, Cosmos. Each of the 13 tracks is dedicated to it's inspiration. It's not for
us to say how closely the composition relate to their titles. One knows only that they are
well performed with a frisson of absolutism that compels repeat listening...>>

Secondary Press Hamilton, Ontario May 1998

<<...Remember is a disc by the Quebec based group DAK. They manage to paint a picture of remembrance, focusing on great humans who graced us with their presence. The music
takes you through the lives and experiences of such people as Lucy (the 3.5 million year
old rack of bones), Chief Joseph, Galileo, Isaac Asimov, Jacques-Yves Cousteau,
Antoine de Saint-Exupery,Carl Sagan, Dian Fossey, Albert Einstein, Leavitt Henrietta Swan,
and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Such instruments used on the album include African
and Inca flutes, jembe, udu, violin and horn o'plenty more.

This album is not what you would expect to hear at a party with your buddies, however,
with the right party favors this album can take you farther away from reality than your
everyday parties. It is my impression that these musicians are celebrating the human spirit
that lives in everyone but is exercised in few of us. Inspiration for all of us to show the spirit
that is locked up inside of our beings just waiting to explode, creating a 'domino~like' effect
with the rest of the human race...>>

Standard-Freeholder Cornwall, Ontario May 1998

<<...The canadian formation DAK is back with a third offering that new age music
aficionados should check out."Remember" is a work of extraordinary energy and passion.
The score is fiendishly challenging in that the intricate markings for each instrument
need to be observed. All in all, a marvellously rich and impassioned perfermance.
Highly recommended...>>

The Record Kitchener, Ontario May 1998

<<...Montreal's DAK creates worldbeat soundscapes, instrumentals and vocals of
such quality and depth they seem to take visual shape. More than a dozen musicians
contribute their talents, dedicating each song to someone who inspired them:
Life to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Naked Sun to Isaac Asimov, Cosmos to Carl Sagan, Little Angels to the children of Dunblane, Africa to Jane Fossey and Plasma to Albert Einstein. Personalities filtered through memories...all translated into aural textures.
It's a quietly emotional journey...>>

Tribe Magazine Toronto, Ontario June 1998

<<...An ambiant collection that is soothing and spiritual. Ranging from mellow to inspired, this CD will rejunevate you after a long night partying, or even after a day of stressful urban living. You can tell a lot of work went into this project. And, it's Canadian too!...>>

FAO Casa Gazette Italy July 1997 by Stavros Moschopoulos
Dak-Nomad &New World

<<...Have you ever seen a film by Tarkovsky where the sounds and whispers are also
a vital part of the plot as is the dialog? Well, now you can understand what these two releases
are all about:mesmerizing jazz, ethereal voices, and a tapestry of sounds
that evokes traveling through time and space...
Relaxing, vibrating and intricate.From Canada's OZMOZ...>>

RPM Magazine Toronto, Ontario, Canada February 17,1997 by B.W.
<<...Your square reviewer has to accept the word of others that there are two kinds of LSD trips- the bad one is terrifying - the good one, administered by medical practitioners for therapeutic treatment can be a sublime experience filled with dazzling sights and almost angelic music from other worlds. The latter is what one enjoys on the nine original tracks of Nomad. Each has a title but they're arbitrary. Though thematic, this isn't programme music; it's absolute music filled with soaring melodies and exotic orchestrations that Shakespeare might have declared "such stuff as dreams are made of."
You can play it softly in the background for social gatherings, but our recommendation is to put
on the earphones, crank up the volume and retreat into a cocoon of jallahe coming up;
mind blowing music. You'll come out of it refreshed. Warranted!...>>

Standard-Freeholder Cornwall, Ontario June 14 1997 Yvan Brunet
Dak Nomad OZMOZ
<<... Dak is a Canadian formation whose playing is of virtuoso quality and their album
titled "Nomad" is a spectacular musical journey. The colorful melodies, the inspired mix
of pop, jazz, classical, new age and world music, as well as the inclusion of angelic
voices beautifully blend to create a sound that is truly broad in it's potential...>>

The Fulcrumn Ottawa, Ontario June 19, 1997
Dak's World ambiant music
<<...So far, Dak has put out two CDs: Nomad, music of wandering, and New World, a creation
inspired by the voyage of Christopher Columbus. To a layperson's ear, the recordings sound
like an amalgalm of beautiful classical performances, Solitudes nature music, New Age
tracks and a passionate call to prayer, all operating on the same wavelenght. Dak aspires to
create visual images with the sound they create...>>

The RECORD, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada May 1997 by Harry Currie
<<This music defies description. While there are hints of improvisation which give a taste of jazz
flavor, the wall of synthetic sound against which all other voices are displayed creates a feeling of
primordial soup. The listener is hypnotized. There are conventional instruments - guitars, fretless
bass, bowed electric bass, cello, violin, clarinet, harmonica, a variety of saxes, percussion in
abundance, and almost always the synthesizer.

Voices, too, add color - always wordless, and ranging from Mosque chants to ethereal countermelodies and ghosted obbligatos. Between each track, the sound of transportation in motion adds to the nomadic effect the group is portraying.

Those who like New Age music would probably find this music appealing, yet there is far greater depth and imagination at work here than in the simple repetitions of New Age.

In many ways, it is the music of the spheres, and the mind is set free to explore dimensions yet
to be imagined. There is a strange, haunting universality about Nomad, and it would require numerous listenings to plumb its mysteries...>>

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, Hamilton News Mountain Edition, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada March 26/97 by Julie Slack
<<...Looking for something completely unique on the music scene? Ozmoz Records recently released Nomad 'Dak'on CD.

Completely Canadian content, this new music is overwhelming, providing listeners with a moving, touchingpackage. At best, this music is hard to describe. One must listen to the CD a few times, following that, one is drawn into the unique flavor of its style.

This uniqueness allows listeners to be creative; by listening to this CD, they will become involved
and carried to a different place. It provides a relaxing and stree-free break from reality as one can drift off to pleasant times and thoughts.

The music would best be described as instrumental, but from start to finish, it is inspirational.
In today's fast-paced world of stress and the hectic pace we try to attain, Nomad is sure to calm one down after a long day.

Nomad should come with some bubble bath or bath oils; it's the perfect way to relax, kick back and drift off while the music calms one down.

Nomad was recently launched in Ontario. Musicians are based in Hull, Quebec where they are played on 35 stations, as well as in France. Reaction to the music has been positive...>>

The RECORD, Sherbrooke,P.Q. May 23, 1997 by Watthew Shepherd
<<...The 10 songs on this CD-composed by Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Jacques Roy- are a melange of music that soothed me as a I listened. It's a very mellow, New Age album featuring a plethora of musicians that are masters of their craft and make music beautifully on their varied instruments. There is also chanting incorporated in the music which was reminescent of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his work. (Remember him from the Natural Born Killers movie soundtrack?) The Quebec artist weave a rich tapestry of sounds into a relaxing blanket. Even those who are not fan of New Age music will appreciate Dak. I recommended you pick up a copy of this homegrown release as soon as possible...>>

The Intelligencer, Belleville, Ontario, Canada February 18, 1997 by Jack Evans
<<..."Destiny, Midnight Shift, Bohemian, Lost, Coming Back," are some of the titles of cuts on a new CD called Nomad, put out under the Hull-based Ozmoz label. They sound like songs. In a sense they are. But these are definitely not sing-along songs. They don't even have words. But the talented trio of self-styled "dreamers" behind the creations manage to draw listeners into
the precise theme of their titles with instrumentation and vocal chant that emphathizes delicately with the themes of the titles.

They could be called "porch songs" in a sense totally different from what Rita MacNeil uses,
meaning more that these songs perhaps could best be enjoyed outdoors where any natural sounds such as birds, frogs, bees, or breeze wuld fit right in with this earth-sounding music.

The group is called "DAK" and while there is a wide-ranging input from singers and musicians,
the songs are chiefly the work of three native Canadian French aboriginals - Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Luc Gregoire.

The three came together after distinguished individual careers and have melded their talents into some unique and highly relaxing music. They call it a "voyage of physical music". We can't disagree with that...>>

Pulse Niagara falls and View Hamilton Ontario, Canada June 1997
<<...The emergence of ambiant music in the past few years has allowed for more record companies to explore the realm of new age music. OZMOZ records from Hull, Quebec has recently released an instrumental album that captures the spirit and depth of this style of music. Most of the compositions were written by Daniel Bouliane and Andre Mongeon and arranged by Luc Gregoire. Each track has a unique and tranquil sound created by a very wide range of instruments. Although vocals are mixed into most of the songs, it's presence doesn't dominate the music. This type of music classified under 'new age', encourages relaxation and clarity of thought. For those who lead
a stressful and hectic life Nomad could help you to relax and find peace of mind...>>

The following reviews and citations were translated from French.

Voir Montreal mai 1997 Claude Coté
<<...The composers Daniel Bouliane and Andre Mongeon, as well as the arranger Luc Gregoire, have assembled several musicians to produce this instrumental album which follows in the path of the soundtrack from the film "The last temptation of Christ". Impeccable production, soundtrack quality, definitely "fin de siecle", the work on Nomad is audacious and refreshing, mostly when we discover the wonderful voice of Sylvie Desroches. High caliber...>>

Voix de l'est Granby,P.Q. march 21st 1997
<<...Do you like instrumental music? One that makes you travel on a cloud or makes you think of the ocean, music that whistles in your ears like the wind in the trees, that tickles your heart like the rain falling on a roof top... Do you like music which carries the sound of silence? Music which gives room to the imagination, to dreams and to meditation? The "Nomad" album from DAK which is a group composed of Daniel Bouliane, Andre Mongeon and Luc Gregoire will give you all these sensations. It will allow you to travel to unknown destinations and leave all your worries behind...>>

Le Nouvelliste Trois-Rivière P.Q. Michel St-Amant 14/12/96
<<...Nomad, on which the performance of the three instrumental group members of Dak,
along with the participation of other excellent musicians is at the same time more subtle and accessible. By moments it reminds us of the incomparable sound of the French duo Deep Forest but with less vocal interventions. The three DAK members are Daniel Bouliane, André Mongeon and Luc Grégoire , three exceptionnal dreamers that are doing excellent music and that have a promising future...>>

Le Droit Caroline Barrière Ottawa, Ontario 28/12/96
<<...Certain people prefer to follow the current trend whereas others, more audacious, try to do it differently. We called them adventurers. They act like that not only because they want to go in the opposite direction from what is normally done, but also because they deeply believe in it. The story of André Mongeon, Luc Grégoire and Daniel Bouliane will mostly look like that...>>

Le Quotidien Christiane Laforge Chicoutimi P.Q.January 1997
<<...The production house OZMOZ presents to you two albums that are worthy of attention. The first one is New World...and it's with the same pleasure that we discover the compositions of André Mongeon and Daniel Bouliane in a new album called "Nomad" that has eleven compositions with evocative titles such as: "Destiny", "Midnight Shift" and others that progress like life in evolution. We are all nomads, say the composers. And their music carries us into that thought delivered in music...>>

Paroles et Musique, mai1997, Montreal, Canada
<<...this instrumental album from the DAK a true invitation to get into the shoes of a
hitchhiker or to travel along with a gypsy caravan. The album lasts about 40 minutes...and the music reaches its goal by offering a very pleasant escape...>>

Musicien Québecois Ralph Angelillo Nov-Dec. 1996 Montréal
<<...Behind any original work hides a world well known to the group DAK: imagination. The sense of dream and the vision of music in the universe of these three creators have taken the form
of two albums in which the instrumental music brings the listener to interiorize, to visualize and to
imagine freely what he/she is hearing. The albums Nomad and New World will give you many shivers down the spine... and many surprises...>>

Journal de Québec P.Q. Pierre O.Nadeau 18/11/96
<<...There is a record company that focusses on instrumental artists and groups. That company
is called OZMOZ, in Hull, and they have at heart to offer quality productions, with consistent content which lets the human soul vibe and gives you shivers...>>

Radio-Canada CBOF Ottawa, Ontario Denis Pellerin
<<...It's a magistral work, inspired and visionary. Bravo. Music that you can see, from which images are sometimes grandiose, sometimes full of sensibility...>>

Jean-Pierre Quirion CFMF Fermont P.Q.
<<...two albums truly appreciated by the station...>>

Danièlle Bilodeau SRC Montréal P.Q.
<<...I found it very good for the sound, the melodies and the arrangements...>>

Patrick Sirois CKCN Sept-îles P.Q.
<<...excellent reactions from the public...a production very interesting, I really like it...>>

Patrick Elkouby CHAI Chateauguay P.Q.
<<...I like it very much, it's clean and really well produced...>>

CKFL Radio,P.Q.Canada 25/11/96
<<...OZMOZ gives you shivers, OZMOZ plays with your emotions, OZMOZ presents to you two new albums by the group DAK. Dak is music that you listen to in its whole, a music of profond dreams, New World and Nomad albums will carry your spirit and soul to places not enough frequented those days...>>

Michel Martel CFIN Lac Etchemin P.Q.
<<...two albums of an excellent quality...>>

Le Nouvelliste de Trois-Rivieres, P.Q. Roland Paillé.(1994)
<<... DAK is a Quebec trio that have just launched their first album, New World, on the label Ozmoz. Completely instrumental, except for some vocal passages, this album is certainly more than the musical story of the adventures of Christopher Columbus, the great navigator. It is most of all a voyage through the soul of Colombus. It is not only an hymne to the explorer or his discovery but to the hope of this man or any man that dares go to the end of his ideas, to reach his goal... In fact, the kind of music New World offers with all its rich harmonies and emotions, fits perfectly with the notion of interior voyage. This orchestral alliage is not without reminding us, at certain moments, of the music written by Richard Gregoire... "New World" is the result of ten years of different experiences by this group which have decided to unify their talents to create a unique work in Quebec...New World for those who really search for something else...>>

Le quotidien de Chicoutimi P.Q.(1994)
<<...With New World, the group had the intention to depict in music the adventures of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. The group have successfully created an album that bring us to far away and futuristic places. Without restricting this album to a certain label, we can describe it like a very visual music which creates an atmosphere, an ambiance. We surrender to it voluntarily, carried in a world of very pleasant sensations. ..."New World" was conceived by following a principal theme, the voyage, the discovery, but in progression by imagining particular moments through the discovery: The Departure, The Ocean the Unknown, The Sargassus Sea (my favorite), America, The Shipwreck, The return, The Imprisonment, The New World and the superb Blue planet...>>

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