1-   Before (to Lucy)

2- Spirit Of The Land (to Chief Joseph)

3- Jupiter (to Galileo)

4- The Naked Sun (to Isaac Asimov)

5- Life (to Jacques-Yves Cousteau)

6- Little Angels (to Dunblane children)

7- The Little Prince (to Antoine de St-Exupery)

8- Cosmos (to Carl Sagan)

9- Africa (to Dian Fossey)

10- To Remember (to a Beloved Grand-Papa)

11- Plasma (to Albert Einstein)

12- Andromede (to Henrietta Swan Leavitt)

13- Nooshere (to Teilhard de Chardin)

Remember concept

Remember is an acknowledgement to the life achievements of some people who have greatly influenced and inspired the members of the band DAK. They have also changed the way we see the world today and greatly contributed to the evolution of our planetary consciousness.

Remember is drawing a bridge between an imaginary vision and reality, a link between spirit and human sensitivity. Remember is bringing us to a higher level of human awareness with a unique sound and feel.

In our society, we often look at memory from a very personal point of view. We rapidly learn that in reality we live through the memory of others and that the memory of others lives through our own. In the end, our own memory is so limited compared to our collective past.

Remember is there to confirmed that we are not and we will never be alone...

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