From the dawn of times, the notion of safety has been one of the most basic of human needs. Man, by nature, seeks to be secure in his environment. Man even mistakes comfort for security. Often, and this is particularly true today, values become blurred. With "Nomad" we present the other side of the story. The concept of the album "Nomad"is based on a life experience of a group member. However, the story can apply to almost any youth or adult going through a period of significant change in their lives. It is the story of someone who seeks adventure, of a youth who thinks external renewal is the path to follow for changes. However, he was brought to see the real change within himself.


The journey begins by the search for a goal, of a direction in his life. Our actor wants to live a change and decides to leave his family and friends behind to breathe new life into his existence. He wants to leave material comfort and routine to live something different.

Midnight shift

He runs away from a world without any interest and hazards out of town to find himself on the highway. Our traveler finds within himself a life force that he had not felt for a long time. He faces the unknown and the mystery of the night accentuates his excitation.


Finding himself in green open spaces, he feels the heady perfume of nature invading him. Between two destinations he contemplates from the road and the surrounding majestic forest. Dreaming of a world where the various elements join to create a whole in perfect harmony, he feels at one with nature. He dreams of a world where happiness is king. He dreams...


Our hitchhiker finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Still, he waits a few days before taking to the road again. Nobody seems willing to give him a break. He quits, drifts in time, and, when he begins to feel discouraged, chance smiles at him. Finally, somebody give him a ride. Swimming in his dreams of better days, he move further.


Our adventurer meets the kind of stranger he had always dreamed about. This individual, a globetrotter, cheers the road while drinking his "Jack Daniel's". The meeting with this "guru" is a source of inspiration and he finds himself in the middle of the desert meditating in front of a sunset thinking that absolute freedom is the only truth.


Carried away in his dreams, he travels to wide unknown spaces, he is a real "traveler", a "nomad". Only providence could show him the way from now on. Projected into space, he feels lightheaded and drifts on the wind.


Our dreamer faces reality. Life is not always synonymous with happiness and freedom. Going through periods of anxiety and unexpected moments, he feels lost and betrayed by his dream. Society all around reminds him that his freedom ends where the freedom of others begin and that he must learn to adapt to change. There are things that can be changed but there are also things that we cannot change. He feels that the real change is taking hold within himself and decides to go back home.

Coming back

Our traveler is now on his way home. He sees a station in the distance. He decides to jump in a boxcar and admires the scenery going by, feet hanging from the train. Knowing that change is taking place within him, he accepts the change and finds pleasure in living "here and now" in greater sobriety. He is anxious to tell his friends about his adventure. The beauty of life invades him...

Leaving behind

While the train move forward, he begins to think about his life. He must leave everything behind. He must die to himself to be reborn. He sees himself as a child in the school yard dreaming of utopia and feels that the child in him will always be present but his whole being will change, will evolve his whole life through. He stops fighting his destiny.


Back home, he has a dream. He sees himself going forward in a tunnel with a light at the end. Jumping ahead in time, he finds that he is part of a much bigger whole than his being. Finally, he lives what he was really seeking when he left. The metamorphosis is complete.

Passion of life

Our globetrotter now wants to live his life fully. He knows that life is full of obstacles but that the creative flame now burns within him. Since life holds by a thread he says to himself: "nothing is as important as not living in the shadow of death. "We are all travelers and nomads in the wheel of life and yet we all have our own place. Our trip does not end here. To be continued...