OZMOZ is a record label that focuses on giving you "shivers" and physical reactions. Our only goal is to share with the listener a large variety of emotions provoked by physical reactions.

In recent years, we have heard too many productions that focus more on a specific musical style and the star system packaging than on the real essence of music. We believe that a depth exists in music, a depth that is difficult to explain but is clearly a part of our reality.

At OZMOZ records, we look for the depth and spirit created by the shivers that music delivers. We intend to make you experience several kinds of emotions for decades to come, and if providence is on our side, for centuries!...

We specialize in instrumental music but also like songs that gives shivers. We mainly adopted this musical form to encourage the freedom of imagination in the listener. In doing so, we believe that we provoke creativity.

Today, we present to you seven wonderful albums from our new OZMOZ collection that we know you will enjoy.

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The OZMOZ collection (click on the cover to get the conceptual texts)
New DAK album
(in stores on the 4th of november 2004)

DAK "E4"

Remember Nomad New World


Soundtrack vol.1 Harmony 2000 Just for You




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