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The track "Noosphere"

To Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

"A will of life, the will of life, now that would be, in a final analysis, the force that moves and leads the universe on its principal axis of complexity-consciousness. That is how the basic situation is presenting itself, on which we should now think and construct further more"
(liberally translated by André Mongeon)

(Teilhard de Chardin)

Pierre was a Jesuit priest and a paleontologist. He co-discovered the Peking Man and was involved in many other research projects and expeditions. He had a truly unique vision of our universe. He pictured our world on two different axes. One is the infinitely small to the infinitely great and the other is from the infinitely simple structure to the infinitely complex. Life, by a complex association of its elements, has given birth to the world of thoughts. Those thoughts, like a new molecule of the evolution, are also associating one another through the same axes of complexity, thus creating the noosphere. A step above the biosphere. Through man, evolution has become self-aware of its existence, and through us, now lies the future of our existence.

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