The Origins of Mankind, Lucy

The track "Before"

To Lucy (3.5 million years ago)

One can easily picture Lucy wandering the valley at the first glimpse of dawn.
Her feet touching the cold stony ground as she lets herself be guided by the sound of water from a spring ahead. We believe she must have looked at the sky from time to time, staring at the stars and wondering but certainly not expecting to be so popular in a completely different world.

About 40% of Lucy's skeleton was found by Donald Johanson and his associates in 1974. The name Lucy was given because when they were examining the skeleton the track "Lucy in the Sky with Diamond" (the famous song by the Beattles) was playing on the tape recorder.
She was 3.5 million years old and 3 to 4 feet tall. She also walked upright. They classified her as an Australopithecus Afarensis .

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