Cousteau Tribute


To Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997 )

We will always be fascinated by the diversity of the species inhabiting the waters of the world. It took millions of years for life to appear in our oceans and to organize itself in preparation for the apparition of man. The time when the ocean was seen as the mother of mysterious creatures and monsters is far beyond us. Today we are more aware of the different species as we learn more about this silent world, the world of our origins.

Jacques-Yves was a man of the sea. Early in his life, he started exploring the undersea world and fought all his life to explain to humanity the importance of an healthy ocean, because whatever occurs under water can affect the lives of billions of human beings. From his research, Jacques-Yves created movies and books that talked about life. Dolphins, whales, coral reefs, sharks and other treasures of the sea, all of those and much more was brought to the public by Jacques-Yves's fascination for life. He died on June 25,1997.

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Some very intersting links to Cousteau Websites : The site of Frederic Hoekman for te protection of sharks. Beautiful site with some pictures. This is the site of the Nuclear Age Peace Fundation, with a tribute page to Cousteau and way more things on the rest of the site.

Friends of the Ocean by dollbaby78
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