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The track Cosmos

To Carl Sagan (1934-1996)

Carl Sagan was a visionary man devoted to space exploration and has greatly contributed to the presention of the universe to the public. His television series, Cosmos, reached an estimated audience of 500 million people; Sagan also co-founded the Planetary Society, the largest space-interest group in the world and he participated in many space projects such as:

Mariner 9 which produced the first detailed images showing that Mars
is currently a desolate, cratered world;

Viking which searched (unsuccessfully) for life on the surface of the
Red Planet;

Pioneer and Voyager probes which provided the first surveys of the outer planet and their moons;

Galileo which is currently sending back extremely detailed images
of Jupiter and its giant satellites.

The Mars lander that landed on the Red Planet in 1997 is now Carl's official memoria.

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