Tribute to Dian Fossey

The track "Africa"

To Dian Fossey (1932-1985)

In the mountains of Africa, as the sun slowly fades its majestic colors into the sky, a family of gorillas is building a camp for the night, as they are moving a little deeper into the mountain range. One of the members of the clan is missing, thus creating a tension amongst the gorillas. Not far in the forest, the last sound of a struggle has been heard, the last whisper of a gorilla caught in a booby trap built by a poacher.

The devotion of Dian Fossey for the preservation of the mountain gorilla has touched the heart of thousands of people. She has opened the gorilla world to us and we will always be grateful for the knowledge she left to humanity. Her war against poachers lead her to her death. She was found murdered in her cabin the 27th of December 1985. Today, the mountain gorilla is more protected but we should always be aware of the fragility of all species on this planet

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Some Interesting Links a site devoted to the protection of animals, an essential site for Gorillas especially. The title says it all.



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