We have a Soundcraft 600 console with 32 inputs and 24 automated returns on the first 16 inputs. for the final format, we have two DAT (simultaneous backup) and a Tascam tape recorder.

We also have a wide range of effects processors.

Eventide H3000 SE Harmoniser and multiple effects
PCM70 LEXICON reverberator and multiple effects
Klark-Teknik reverberator and echo processor
Lexicon LXP-1 with MRC remote control
Tube compressor and Drawner 1960 mic pre-amp
Roland SD-3000 and Yamaha D1500 echo processors
Klark-Teknik DN 410 and Yamaha Q-2031 equalizers
DBX-263x de-esser
2 Behringer Intelligate frequency filter
Aphex Compellor, DBX 166 and Drawner DL241 signal compressors
Aphex Aural type C exciter to enrich the harmonics
BBE 822 to enrich the harmonics
SPL Vitalizer to enrich the sound and stereophonics
Behringer DNR 202 denoiser


Mixing of several albums including :
Churchill Girard, Nathalie Page, Sylvie T. Gagné, Sobrebrume, Maurice Boyer, DAK, Image Compilation Nadia, Roxxy, Top Passion, Michel April, etc...

Mixing of several ads including: Gatineau, on y croît, Banque Royale Rénovation, CBOF radio Emergency Preparedness Canada, Natural Sciences Museum, Les prés, 911, Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, CCN125 and many others.

Mixing for several plays including Le Nez, À la gauche de Dieu, La machine à beauté, Pinnochio, Insomnie, etc...

Mixing for several documentaries, films and TV programs.

Mixing for several sound recordings for the CBC and for TV variety shows (Les Beaux dimanches, specials, etc...)