Luc Grégoire

Luc Grégoire is a passionnate sound engineer and computer programmer. At 36 Luc mixed over 300 different projects in many different fields. Many of them earned prestigious prices and nominations. Three T.V.programs nominated at the Gemeaux, Mercury awards winners, Reel awards winners, HOT DOCS special mention etc...

A founding member of the group DAK, he engineered the four albums Harmony 2000, NEW WORLD, NOMAD and REMEMBER. He also mix many live performances and many of them for television. He program much of Spiral-Wave website and even offer you a FREESOFTWARE. Luc have a very special way of earing depth and definition in music and in sound that is quite rare those days.He always want to learn more about technology and art. Never satisfied completly, his creative mind push him to surpass his previous achievements.

Luc will always surprise us and is trully an essential collaborator in any great team.

Some achievements

Most of audio samples is mix by Luc

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