The Group at their launching of "Remember"

The members of the groupe are: Luc Grégoire , Daniel Bouliane, André Mongeon

DANIEL BOULIANE : 36 years old, dreamer.

At 36, Daniel has been in the field of music for 24 years and has over 300 soundtracks to his credit for various projects such as NFB documentary films, special events and t.v.shows. He received a nomination for a Gémeaux award in 1995 for best soundtrack all categories for the music in a documentary series with his closest collaborator André Mongeon. He also received two nominations in 1994 and 1992 at Reel awards for best soundtrack. Many of the film and video on which he composed the music won international and national prices from many recognised organisations such as The Gemini awards(for Real Families), the BDA awards(for Rodgers Ids), the Hot Docs (for Kanata and The last of the Franco-Ontarians), the Mercury Awards(for different ads) etc.
Daniel also composed music for other artists and produced other artist projects.

ANDRÉ MONGEON : 36 years old, dreamer.

André Mongeon is an author-composer who has been in the field of music for about 14 years. He particularly likes instrumental music but not to the exclusion of other styles. He loves above all else theme music and he strives to compose increasingly emotional pieces. He have been nominated for a Gémeau award best music all categories with Daniel in1995. Also André likes to write songs from time to time for other artists.

LUC GRÉGOIRE : 36 years old, dreamer.

Luc Grégoire is a passionnate sound engineer and computer programmer. At 36 Luc mixed over 300 different projects in many different fields. Many of them earned prestigious prices and nominations. Three T.V.programs nominated at the Gemeaux, Mercury awards winners, Reel awards winners, HOT DOCS special mention etc...

This is the short and simple story of the members of the group DAK. A group that believe in music of depth and spirit, a music that help us to learn and grow. They will always surprise us !...