Érik Bouliane

Érik 34 years old is a self-taught sound engineer, a tireless worker and a passionate music lover. Brother to a musician named Daniel, he was immersed in music from infancy.

In the 1980's, he built a home studio in which he carried on various experiments and thus developed a profound understanding of the "art of sound". He also received expert guidance from experienced sound engineers. As a result, he is highly skilled at recording and mixing sound. Érik has installed a variety of sound systems, has recorded concerts "live" for television, engineered the sound for many corporate presentations at the Hull Casino, at the Museum of Civilisation, at the Maison du citoyen de Hull and in many other venues.

Now Érik have been a technical coordinator at the Museum of Civilisation in Hull for more than 4 years and is ready to beeing challenged by any new and great ideas.

His inner passion motivates him to elevate the talent of the artists with whom he works to a superior level of accomplishment. These artists have come to appreciate his unshakable attitude, his assiduity and his sharp and critical ear.

An excellent photographer (he did many photos for this site), he loves to socialize with friends, around a good sound system...of course!!!

Some accomplishments

Chief engineer at the Civilisation museum in Hull 1998-2002

1997 Recording "live" for musical shows presented on T.V.( Bravo,TV5, ArtTV etc...)

1997-1995 Engineer and soundman coordinator for different shows like:
Gatineau Hot Air Balloon festival, St-John Baptiste shows, for theatrical plays etc...

" P.A. tech. " for differents shows like:
Phil Collins, Back Street Boys, Mettalica, Rush, Supertramp, Bush, Aérosmith, Museum of Civilisation, le Casino de Hull, la maison du citoyen etc...

"1997-1996 Installated many different sound systems and audio-visual components for homes and business.

Technician in charge of "le Bistro Cartier de Gatineau", mix many artists like:
Marie-Claire Séguin, Rioux, Manon d'Invernest, Stephen Barry Band, Shawn Phillips, Lasha Desala and many others.

Chief engineer and soundman in different bars of the Ottawa-Hull region like:
"bar La Marina du Casino de Hull" etc...

Road Manager et soundman with different Pop artists.

Technician et soundman for the "Régean Gauvreau big band" for 8 years.

1996-1995 Chief soundman for the "Gala des gens d'affaires de l'outaouais".

Main engineer for stage #2 at the New Year's Eve Party 1996 of The Bears 106.9 at the Ottawa congress center.

Six months stage with André Boisvert as a soundman.

Soundman for different bands like: Sobre Brume, Edith Butler, Les Foubrac, Yvan et les Voyous, MutchMore, Stéphane McNichol's Blues Band, Manon Brunet, Liquid Heaven and many others.

1994-1991 Soundman for many shows of Demars and Nicole Laurin.

Technical coordinator and soundman for "Le P'tit Géant tour"(children play) in the Toronto region.

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