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Life is like a game of chess. From birth we are prepared to play the great game of life. We are shown the things to do and not to do, we are thought the rudiments life transmitted from generation to generation and we are taught in spite of ourselves how to solve problems, to move forward, to perform and to make the right choices. All that quickly becomes an art you have to master: “surviving in society”. One realises very early that every move in life has repercussions. At this point in time we gradually develop a certain strategy to move ahead in the world. Each individual has his own plan, offensive or defensive, all leading to a common goal: to take one’s place in the world.
It is very easy to see similarities between chess and society. One can imagine very easily being a piece in a great cosmic game. We are not a really masters of our decisions, our misfortunes are part of a plan, like making a sacrifice for the win. Each individual, each part having its own role. Some have more potential, some do more and others do nothing, just like the pawn that remains on its square during the whole game. But all are equal. The king is nothing without the pawn and the bishop is equal to the best of knights

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