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Daniel Bouliane - Tagayet
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Daniel Bouliane "Tagayet"2007

<<...Voice and percussion are the dominant sounds on this album, complementing each other beautifully amidst a world-beat sound. The first two tracks are mellow and soothing, followed by a similar intro to the third, making for a pleasant surprise when the beats kick up a notch. The album then takes on an engaging, driving feel; you can’t help but feel compelled to keep listening.

This is the first solo effort by Quebec composer Daniel Bouliane, after having written soundtracks for the National Film Board, as well as playing with the similar-sounding group DAK. He found inspiration through both the death of a close friend and a travel adventure to Niger to help build a well that saved a village from famine.

Meddle-era Pink Floyd-like guitars can be heard at times, as well as other progressive and ambient sounds, adding to the hypnotic mix. The production is crisp, letting the listener hear every breath and drum beat with crystal clarity. Tagayet is a unique, touching world music album that’s well worth losing yourself in on a (cold) lazy day off...>>

Vue Magazine
Edmonton, Canada
Mark Garth -January 2007

<<...This is a surprisingly fine CD! Each track is a spirited adventure that bridges the space between the worlds - ethnic instruments, sampled sounds, dance rhythms, inspired vocals, and truly multi-cultural artistry. Some passages are poignant and achingly beautiful, while others are boldly rhythmic and absolutely compelling. The whole extends beyond the sum of the parts, making a travelogue of exotic yet contemporary musical pleasures...>>

RFI Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Marius-Christian Burcea -February 2007

<<...Tagayet, es un proyecto muy bien realizado, denota que hay dos musicos muy bien compenetrados detras de este proycto, que auna musicas y vivencias totalmente ilumnadas por sus compositores.. Comprendemos que mezclar musicas es complicado y conlleva tener muy bien fijados objetivos y saber que queremos hacer. En este proyecto todo esto fluye con una sensibilidad exquisita. Pasion ,Caracter, Sentimiento y mucha originalidad son los factores a tener en cuenta en este trabajo . Muy recomendable para aquellos que gustan de descubir otras fronteras musicales...>>

Otras Musicas - Iliberis FM 101.5
Granada, Spain
Miguel Angel Espigares Floresarius
February 2007

<<...Daniel Tagayet expresses his musical ideas with remarkable clarity: Starting from a fresh, spontaneous approach near to the World Music, yet with electronic textures as well as Ambient traits, and also adopting focuses typical of Atmospheric Pop, he weaves a suggestive tapestry full of exquisite ambiguities, deep ideas and intense images of sound, all that within a scheme that displays a careful task in its creation and mise en scene....>>

Amazing Sounds
Barcelona, Spain
Marcela Cirignola
March 2007

<<...Tagayet is rhythmic world prog and the first solo album from Bouliane who has been making music for film and television for over seventeen years.

‘Spacy Cab’ is uplifting with its layered vocals and fantastic build, which bubbles up into a cooking tune despite Bouliane having broken one of music’s unwritten commandments, ‘thou shalt not have whistling in your songs. Ever.’

‘What a Night’ is a percussive dreamscape and the following track, ‘Coeur de Cristal’, must owe something to Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ and although it doesn’t reach the epic proportions of the Floyd it’s a touching tribute to one of Bouliane’s friends.

The forthcoming film - also called Tagayet and which takes the music from the album as soundtrack - is based on the story of a friend who travelled to Nijer to help his mother build a well, which saved thousands of lives during the famine there, and the filmic nature of Bouliane’s songs is quite clear.

Tagayet keeps as its base an ambient feel although it becomes so much more than this. Fascinating listening with real depth...>>

Fly Magazine
London, U.K.
Wyl Menuir - January 2007

<<...Daniel Bouliane is a composer specialised in television series music and film scores. This release offers the best conditions for such a presentation, with a home cinema feeling, presenting a dynamic sound consisting of some inspired elements reminding us of African deserts (the singing and some sand dune rhythm changes), suitable to dream away to in images. “Tagayet” also is a movie score. The word means "in the middle of nowhere", and it is a movie about a small recently built village around a new well drilled in the middle of the Sahara desert in Niger. Besides the urbanised African inspirations, there are also some nice layers of electric guitars.

Usually I do not review too easily items that tend to keep a distance from the subjects they express (like new age, most world beat exploitations, and various filmic scores), but I think Daniel Bouliane is so much involved, that even when taking a distance to the real African origins, direct contacts and any participations from source, he transforms this expression from a distance, so that it does not become like a musically colonized exploitation, but is entirely his own band’s story, with some direct references that should open up the dialogues out of the context of visualization expressions. Compared to other items of the genre, it has dynamic and colourful elements that inhabit some “progressive” move forward, because of a certain degree of musical empathy involved. Other instruments used are kalimba,.. The wordless vocal parts are African-like, in chorus, or with male or female vocals...>>

Psyche Van Helt Folk
Gerald Psyche January 2007

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