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Daniel Bouliane - Tagayet
DAK - New World
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DAK - Remember
DAK - Harmony 2000
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Dak "Remember"1998

<<...The result is a gorgeous harmonic landscape full of mysterious melodies, calm rhythms and soothing notes...>>
Capital City,
Ottawa, Ontario
November 1998.

<<'ll appreciate an album that is lyrical without being limp and thoughtful without being navel gazing...>>
What a magazine,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
September-October 1998

<<...What makes it cool is that you can take the disc on its own and ignore the liner notes or you can delve into the deeper significance of each piece and think and read about the people for which they were composed...>>
The Coast ,
Halifax, Nova-Scotia
August 1998

<<...From the African and Inca flutes of Africa to the 40-members children choir of "Little Angels, Daniel Bouliane and André Mongeon create fluid, textured compositions with clarity that is never overshadowed by the talented supporting cast...>>
The Ottawa XPress
Ottawa, Ontario
August 1998.

<<...Over 15 musicians contributed to this fantastic ethereal, seductive cd of instrumental music that is soothing and uplifting...>>
Vancouver, British Columbia
November 1998.

<<...Summing up, this is an interesting and attractive package and DAK officials promise there's more to come...>>
The Intelligencer
Belleville, Ontario
July 1998

<<..."Remember"- Music that transcends time & space...>>
Uprising International
Scarborough, Ontario
July 1998

<<...The music is a reminescent of Enigma, Vanessa Mae and Mike Oldfield, but the sound is completely original. The album is a spiritual journey...>>
Waterloo, Ontario
July 1998

<<...By their unique use of voices, instrumentation and melodic interludes, Dak touches upon those internal feelings of hope, joy and pain that help us to learn and grow...>>
Network magazine
California, USA
July 1998

<<...This create a romantic contrast of sound and feeling and encapsulates both the theme and title of the album: Remember...>>
Nugget Editorial
NorthBay, Ontario
July 1998

<<...This is a moving CD that has an honesty and integrity that invites listeners to reach into their inner souls and think about the meanings behind this work. It is spiritual, yet offers a deeper meaning to those who
wish to look for it...>>
HamiltonNews Mountain Edition
Hamilton, Ontario
June 1998,
by Julie Slack

<<...It's not for us to say how closely the composition relate to their titles. One knows only that they are well performed with a frisson of absolutism that compels repeat listening...>>
RPM magazine Toronto,
June 1998

<<...It is my impression that these musicians are celebrating the human
spirit that lives in everyone but is exercised in few of us. Inspiration for all of us to show the spirit that is locked up inside of our beings just waiting to explode, creating a 'domino~like' effect with the rest of the
human race...>>
Secondary Press
Hamilton, Ontario
May 1998

<<..."Remember" is a work of extraordinary energy and passion...>>
Cornwall, Ontario
May 1998

<<...Personalities filtered through memories...all translated into aural
textures. It's a quietly emotional journey...>>
The Record
Kitchener, Ontario
May 1998

<<...An ambiant collection that is soothing and spiritual. Ranging from mellow to inspired, this CD will rejunevate you after a long night partying, or even after a day of stressful urban living. You can tell a lot of work went into this project...>>
Tribe Magazine
Toronto, Ontario
June 1998

<< you can understand what these two releases are all about:mesmerizing jazz, ethereal voices, and a tapestry of sounds that evokes traveling through time and space...Relaxing, vibrating and intricate>>
FAO Casa Gazette
July 1997
by Stavros Moschopoulos.

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