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Daniel Bouliane - Tagayet
DAK - New World
DAK - Nomad
DAK - Remember
DAK - Harmony 2000
Soundtrack vol.1
Just for You

Dak "New World"1994

<<...It's a magistral work, inspired and visionary. Bravo. Music that you can see, from which images are sometimes grandiose, sometimes full of sensibility...>>
Radio-Canada CBOF Ottawa
Denis Pellerin

<<...The group has successfully created an album that bring us to far away and futuristic places. Without restricting this album to a certain label, we can describe it like a very visual music which creates an atmosphere, an ambiance. We surrender to it voluntarily, carried in a world of very pleasant sensations...>>
Le quotidien de Chicoutimi

<<... this album is certainly more than the musical story of the adventures of Christopher Columbus, the great navigator. It is most of all a voyage through the soul of Colombus. It is not only an hymne to the explorer or his discovery but to the hope of this man or any man that dares go to the end of his ideas, to reach his goal... In fact, the kind of music New World offers with all its rich harmonies and emotions, fits perfectly with the notion of interior voyage...New World for those who really search for something
Le Nouvelliste de Trois-Riviere, (1994)
Roland Paillé.

<<...I found it very good for the sound, the melodies and the arrangements...>>
Danièlle Bilodeau
Montréal P.Q.

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