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Daniel Bouliane - Tagayet
DAK - New World
DAK - Nomad
DAK - Remember
DAK - Harmony 2000
Soundtrack vol.1
Just for You

Dak "Nomad"1996

<<...The composers Daniel Bouliane and Andre Mongeon, as well as the arranger Luc Gregoire, have assembled several musicians to produce this instrumental album which follows in the path of the soundtrack from the film
"The last temptation of Christ". Impeccable production, soundtrack quality, definitely "fin de siecle", the work on Nomad is audacious and refreshing,
mostly when we discover the wonderful voice of Sylvie Desroches. High caliber...>>
May 1997,
Claude Coté

<<...Nomad, on which the performance of the three instrumental group members
of Dak, along with the participation of other excellent musicians is at the same
time more subtle and accessible. By moments it reminds us of the incomparable sound of the French duo Deep Forest but with less vocal interventions...exceptionnal dreamers that are doing excellent music and that have a promising future...>>
Le Nouvelliste
Trois-Rivière P.Q.
Michel St-Amant 14/12/96

<<...Do you like instrumental music? One that makes you travel on a cloud or makes you think of the ocean, music that whistles in your ears like the wind in the trees, that tickles your heart like the rain falling on a roof top... Music which gives room to the imagination, to dreams and to meditation? The "Nomad" album will allow you to travel to unknown destinations and leave all your worries behind...>>
Voix de l'est
March 21st 19976

<<...Certain people prefer to follow the current trend whereas others, more audacious, try to do it differently. We called them adventurers. They act like that not only because they want to go in the opposite direction from what is normally done, but also because they deeply believe in it. The story of André Mongeon, Luc Grégoire and Daniel Bouliane will mostly look like that...>>
Le Droit
Caroline Barrière
Ottawa, Ontario

<<...playing is of virtuoso quality and their album titled "Nomad" is a spectacular musical journey.
Cornwall, Ontario
June 14 1997
Yvan Brunet

<<...In many ways, it is the music of the spheres, and the mind is set free to explore dimensions yet to be imagined. There is a strange, haunting universality about Nomad, and it would require numerous listenings to plumb its mysteries...>>
Kitchener, Ontario,
Canada May 1997
by Harry Currie

<<...The music would best be described as instrumental, but from start to finish, it is inspirational...>>
Hamilton News Mountain Edition,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
March 26/97
by Julie Slack

<<...I recommended you pick up a copy of this homegrown release as soon as possible...>>
May 23, 1997
by Watthew Shepherd

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