E4 - Chess Art

Some information
about the album and the artists

Coming September 2004

E4 is a chess inspired "Ambient Techno" album produced
by Onde-Spirale and Chess Art. E4 was created with the help of many talented people and was a labor of love. This album aims at capturing some of the many emotions that chess, and its relationship to real life, can evoque. We hope you enjoy our music and invite you to leave a comment in the communicate section of this site.

Music composed by:
(Daniel Bouliane and
André Mongeon).

With the voices of:
Véronique Gilbert, Ken Mahoney and Léonard Constant.

Ken Mahoney.

Flute, clarinet and special
wind instruments:

Mario Gilbert.

Keyboards and

Daniel Bouliane and
André Mongeon.

Mixing and mastering:
Luc Grégoire.

Original concept,
art direction, graphic design and web:

Denis DesLauriers - DELO.
DELO Visual Communications inc.

Produced by:
Onde-Spirale and Chess Art.