About DAK

Dak is a group of three individuals who acquired with time an impressive musical background. The members are Daniel Bouliane, André Mongeon and Luc Grégoire.

Daniel Bouliane and André Mongeon are mainly the composers. They have together signed the music and score of many television shows and special events that have in their own niche, left a mark.

In fact, there is a great probability that you heard their music without even knowing DAK members composed it. Their compositions have already traveled around the globe. Many of the TV shows for which they composed the music are still playing every day somewhere on the planet.

For example, in the world of music for television dramas and films, one could think of the very popular television show “Cauchemar d’Amour” featuring Marina Orsini and Pierre Brassard. The show was having at least 1 million viewers per week. We can also think of the biggest millennium show in Canada “Harmonie 2000”. That particular show has been heard in part by more than a billion spectators in more than 77 countries. The BBC broadcasted and the ABC American network considered it as one of the 4 most significant events of the new millennium festivities.

In the documentary area, both in film and broadcast formats, they had many successes. We just have to think about documentaries such as: "The Last Just Man" who won a gemini in 2002 for best documentary. The film won 2 prices at the 2002 HotDocs and been shown all around the globe. Also for four NFB films that had big impact on our society such as “Quick Fix” or “Kanata - The Legacy of the children Aataentsic”.

They also composed music for television documentaries such as “Real Families” (shown in more than 11 countries), Ultimate Explosions produced in England for the Discovery Channel. In fact there are too many documentaries to mention them all here. For more info visit our web site at: http://www.ondespirale.com. As for Luc Gregoire, he mixed most of the music composed by Daniel and André. He also mixed the music and worked on the sound of many other

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