Creative imagination, the history of the group DAK

Behind any original work hides a world that the group DAK knows well: the imaginary. Their sense of dream as well as their vision of music in the universe have given rise, up to now, to three productions that carry the soul to places that are not visited often enough these days.

And while the music by DAK, essentially interior, is listened to as a whole, the group can be divided into three persons; three persons of the planet earth, three brains that converge to the unity of their creation.

The music of the group DAK

The music of the group DAK is very suggestive. Mental images are very important. The group never really cared what its style was going to be. Its first objective is to make people dream, to carry them to new horizons, to make them aware of the creative strength in their soul and in their surroundings.

To carry people, the groups believes that it must have a physical music, a harmonic music that send shivers down one's spine; the attention of the audience must be grabbed and then a certain direction can be suggested.

This direction is given from a well defined conceptual framework In the case of the first album (New World), it was the trip of Christopher Columbus, an image which surfaced as a result of a composition by one of the members of the group. This is an image of hope that a better future can be found if we are visionary and keep the creative flame well lit.

In the case of the second album (Nomad), it is an internal trip where one discovers that our humanity is very fragile, that everything changes throughout our life within and around us and that, finally,our search for safety often consists in knowing how to adapt to change, in finding within ourselves faith in life and in the future. We are all "Nomads" in life.

Remember ( the third album) is an acknowledgement to the life achievements of some people who have greatly influenced and inspired the members of the band DAK. They have also changed the way we see the world today and greatly contributed to the evolution of our planetary consciousness.

Remember is drawing a bridge between an imaginary vision and reality, a link between spirit and human sensitivity. Remember is bringing us to a higher level of human awareness with a unique sound and feel.

In our society, we often look at memory from a very personal point of view. We rapidly learn that in reality we live through the memory of others and that the memory of others lives through our own. In the end, our own memory is so limited compared to our collective past.

Remember is there to confirmed that we are not and we will never be alone...

The DAK music is a no-frills music where travel, imagination and creative energy are at the rendez-vous...