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Seaway News, Cornwall, Ontario February 2000 by Yvan Brunet
Dak-Harmony 2000
<<... "Harmony 2000" is a sumptuous and beguiling a recording as I've heard in quite a while...>>

Capital City, Ottawa, Ontario November 1998
<<... The result is a gorgeous harmonic landscape full of mysterious melodies, calm rhythms and soothing notes…takes the mind to a peaceful electronic zone full of vibrant dreams and idyllic spaces...>>

What a magazine, Winnipeg, Manitoba September-October 1998
4 stars
<<... If you're into contemporary art, you'll appreciate an album that is lyrical
without being limp and thoughtful without being navel gazing … the result is truly beautiful ...>>

The Coast Halifax, Nova-Scotia August 1998
4 stars
<<...This may be the most bizarre album I've heard this year.
The result is an eclectic, relaxing mix of symphonic tunes….>>

The Ottawa XPress Ottawa, Ontario August 1998
<<... a diverse and compelling collection of instrumental pieces… plenty of ethereal, haunting melodies bursting with rich instrumentation and fine performances…Daniel Bouliane and Andre Mongeon create fluid, textured compositions with clarity that is never overshadowed by the talented supporting cast....>>

Ralph, Vancouver, British Columbia November 1998
<<... fantastic ethereal, seductive CD of instrumental music that is soothing and uplifting, I literally put it on "repeat"...>>

The Intelligencer Belleville, Ontario July 1998
<<... Summing up, this is an interesting and attractive package...>>

Uprising International Scarborough, Ontario July 1998
"Remember"- Music that transcends time & space
<<... music that reminds us of our primeval beginnings and our
primordial need for sustenance to the spirit…in reality they are melodies from another time,
space and even dimension....>>

Imprint Waterloo, Ontario July 1998
<<... The music is a reminescent of Enigma, Vanessa Mae and Mike Oldfield, but
the sound is completely original. The album is a spiritual journey....>>

Network magazine California, USA July 1998
<<... By their unique use of voices, instrumentation and melodic interludes,
Dak touches upon those internal feelings of hope, joy and pain that help us
to learn and grow....>>

Nugget Editorial NorthBay, Ontario July 1998
<<...Remember by Dak is an enigma of sounds. As mysterious echoes haunt the background…
This album will take you away on a fantastic journey to unknown, yet pleasant worlds....>>

HamiltonNews Mountain Edition Hamilton, Ontario June 1998
<<... This is a moving CD that has an honesty and integrity that invites listeners to reach into
their inner souls and think about the meanings behind this work. It is spiritual, yet offers
a deeper meaning to those who wish to look for it. Even the cover of Remember is captivating, and certainly opens the door to let your imagination run free....No doubt, Dak will make a name for
itself with the release of this CD-especially with those looking for the not-so-ordinary musical sound....>>

Uptown magazine Winnipeg, Manitoba June 1998
<<... Go anywhere or be anything and this instrumental collage will show you the way....>>

RPM magazine Toronto, Ontario June 1998
<<...We've cutlined this as esoterica because, quite frankly, we didn't know how else to
describe the music on this exciting Canadian production… tracks are well performed with a
frisson of absolutism that compels repeat listening...>>

Secondary Press Hamilton, Ontario May 1998
<<... these musicians are celebrating the human spirit that lives in everyone but is exercised in few of us. Inspiration for all of us to show the spirit that is locked up inside of our beings just waiting to explode, creating a 'domino~like' effect with the rest of the human race...>>

Standard-Freeholder Cornwall, Ontario May 1998
<<..."Remember" is a work of extraordinary energy and passion. All in all, a marvellously rich
and impassioned performance. Highly recommended...>>

The Record Kitchener, Ontario May 1998
<<... DAK creates worldbeat soundscapes, instrumentals and vocals of such quality and depth they
seem to take visual shape...>>

Tribe Magazine Toronto, Ontario June 1998
<<...An ambiant collection that is soothing and spiritual. Ranging from mellow to inspired, this CD
will rejunevate you after a long night partying, or even after a day of stressful urban living...>>

FAO Casa Gazette Italy July 1997 by Stavros Moschopoulos
Dak-Nomad &New World
<<... a tapestry of sounds that evokes travelling through time and space...vibrating and intricate...>>

RPM Magazine Toronto, Ontario, Canada February 17,1997 by B.W.
<<... it's absolute music filled with soaring melodies and exotic orchestrations that Shakespeare might have
declared "such stuff as dreams are made of."....>>

Standard-Freeholder Cornwall, Ontario June 14 1997 Yvan Brunet
Dak Nomad OZMOZ
<<... Dak is a Canadian formation whose playing is of virtuoso quality and their album
titled "Nomad" is a spectacular musical journey. The colorful melodies, the inspired mix
of pop, jazz, classical, new age and world music, as well as the inclusion of angelic
voices beautifully blend to create a sound that is truly broad in it's potential...>>

The Fulcrumn Ottawa, Ontario June 19, 1997
<<... the recordings sound like an amalgam of beautiful classical performances, Solitude's nature music and a passionate call to prayer, all operating on the same wavelength...>>

The RECORD, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada May 1997 by Harry Currie
<<… The listener is hypnotised. In many ways, it is the music of the spheres, and the mind is set free to explore dimensions yet to be imagined. There is a strange, haunting universality about Nomad, and it would require numerous listening to plumb its mysteries...>>

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, Hamilton News Mountain Edition, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
March 26/97 by Julie Slack NOMAD

<<... this new music is overwhelming, providing listeners with a moving, touching package. At best, this music is hard to describe. The music would best be described as instrumental, but from start to finish, it is inspirational....>>

The RECORD, Sherbrooke,P.Q. May 23, 1997 by Watthew Shepherd
<<... I recommended you pick up a copy of this home-grown release as soon as possible...>>

The Intelligencer, Belleville, Ontario, Canada February 18, 1997 by Jack Evans
<<... the talented trio of self-styled "dreamers" behind the creations manage to draw listeners into
the precise theme of their titles with instrumentation and vocal chant that empathises delicately
with the themes of the titles....>>

Voir Montreal mai 1997 Claude Coté
<<... Impeccable production, soundtrack quality, definitely "fin de siecle", the work on
Nomad is audacious and refreshing…High calibre...>>

Voix de l'est Granby,P.Q. march 21st 1997
<<... Music which gives room to the imagination, to dreams and to meditation…The "Nomad" album from DAK
will allow you to travel to unknown destinations and leave all your worries behind...>>

Le Nouvelliste Trois-Rivière P.Q. Michel St-Amant 14/12/96
<<... exceptional dreamers that are doing excellent music and that have a promising future...>>

Le Quotidien Christiane Laforge Chicoutimi P.Q.January 1997
<<... OZMOZ presents to you two albums that are worthy of attention. The first one is New World...and
it's with the same pleasure that we discover the compositions of André Mongeon and Daniel Bouliane
in a new album called "Nomad" ...>>

Paroles et Musique, may 1997, Montreal, Canada
<<...this instrumental album from the DAK a true invitation to get into the shoes of a
hitchhiker or to travel along with a gypsy caravan. The album lasts about 40 minutes...and
the music reaches its goal by offering a very pleasant escape...>>

Musicien Québecois Ralph Angelillo Nov-Dec. 1996 Montréal
<<... Nomad and New World will give you many shivers down the spine... and many surprises...>>

Journal de Québec P.Q. Pierre O.Nadeau 18/11/96
<<... quality productions, with consistent content which lets the human soul vibe and gives you shivers...>>

Radio-Canada CBOF Ottawa, Ontario Denis Pellerin
<<...It's a magisterial work, inspired and visionary. Bravo. Music that you can see, from which images
are sometimes grandiose, sometimes full of sensibility...>>

Danièlle Bilodeau SRC Montréal P.Q.
<<...very good sound, melodies and arrangements...>>

Le Nouvelliste de Trois-Rivieres, P.Q. Roland Paillé.(1994)
<<... In fact, the kind of music New World offers with all its rich harmonies and emotions, fits
perfectly with the notion of interior voyage. "New World" is the result of ten years of
different experiences by this group which have decided to unify their talents to create a
unique work in Quebec...New World for those who really search for something else...>>

Le quotidien de Chicoutimi P.Q.(1994)
<<... The group have successfully created an album that bring us to far away and futuristic places…
We surrender to it voluntarily, carried in a world of very pleasant sensations....>>