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"Dusk to Dawn"

CD par Genna
(texte anglais disponible seulement)

When the sun is fading into the horizon, letting the colours of the night slowly enter the human spirit, it seems that the world is changing to prepare ourselves for a more mysterious mood, a world where dreams are often free of all inhibitions.
Dusk to dawn, that period of time in which the universe reveals its majestic presence, where everything becomes a source of inspiration, where poetic words from the soul are often pronounced in secrecy.

About the artist

Genna has done many appearances for different events and has won many prizes over the years. She also had the chance to use her beautiful voice in documentaries and television series to the amazement of the producers such as "Real Families" (The serie is nominated at the Gemini awards in 1999), Vivre à Deux(26 episodes TV serie) She also recorded vocal tracks for a soundtrack called "Letter to a street Child" two NFB documentaries called "Enfer et co ntre tous."and "Kanata". Four years of classical training has permitted her to explore even further her ability to sing and take advantage of the different colours in her voice. Genna also sung in the show Harmony 2000, the biggest show in Canada on the 31st of December 1999.

Durée: 47 min. 39 sec.

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