André Mongeon

    André Mongeon is an author-composer who has been in the field of music for about fourteen years. He particularly likes instrumental music but not to the exclusion of other styles. He loves above all else theme music and he strives to compose increasingly emotional pieces.

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A founding member of the group DAK, he co-authored the four albums Harmony2000, NEW WORLD, NOMAD and REMEMBER four instrumental albums that hold a special place in his heart. His style sometimes evokes nostalgia but, as he often says:
"My music is a reflection of my soul."
André has also composed several soundtracks for corporate and documentary series one of which earned him a nomination for the Gémeaux 95 awards along with
Daniel Bouliane. He has also written songs for performers such as Genna, Nadia, Debbie Fredericks and intends writing other in the future.

Above all else, André fears running out of inspiration; but, up to now, his fertile imagination has always rewarded his sleepless nights.

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